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We are specialized in getting physical 100% valid (registered) documents (passports, ID cards, driver licenses) for US and other countries. You can use them even for travelling!

Here's why you can trust us

Our clients' feedbacks wouldn't let us lie.
Please refer to our profiles on Darknet markets to confirm what we are saying.

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Be a world citizen

Want a ID card from some country? Or a passport? We can help you!

Driver license? We have it too!

And we have lots more too. Just get in touch with us to see what we can offer!

What we offer

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Place the order

Leave a message on our Jabber telling us your Tor email. Don't have one? Create it here.

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We'll send you a form to fill that will contain every information we need to start the production of your document.

Escrow the payment

For the production process, just a partial release of the funds is needed.

Choose your shipping option

Your documents will be sent to you and you can use them to travel. Oh, and don't forget to leave a feedback!


100% in database

Registered documents

  • Check for prices and availability on your desired country
$ 3930 USD

We offer discount for 2 or more fake/cloned passports!


  • Partial release of just $1150

Driver license, ID card etc.

Other documents

  • Check for prices and availability of your desired document on your desired country

And this is not all!

Possibilities are infinite!
Want a document that is not listed here? Just give us a chat!

Contact us

Here's how to create your Jabber account to talk to us:

  1. Download a Jabber client (there are clients available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS and many others)
  2. Create an account on one server (click here)
  3. Login and add our Jabber address (showing at the right side)
  4. It's also recommended to create a Tor email here



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